Make sure you’re the one enjoying your frequent flyer miles

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People who fly a lot tend to sign up for the frequent flyer program of their favorite airline. They rack up the points through trips they would have taken anyway, then get to reap the rewards.

Sometimes, someone else does it for them.

In one case, Barbara Shaw took a nice trip to Europe and returned only to find out that her account contained 250,000 fewer miles than it should have. The missing miles had been withdrawn, converted into gift cards, and mailed to an address where someone used her name and signed for them.

It’s thought that the individuals got her information when she fell into a trap and used a nonsecure WiFi connection to check in for another unrelated flight.

Apparently, there is a new kind of cyber attack that’s gaining popularity. Airlines say that individuals are using a device to set up what looks like a secure Wi-Fi network, and then harvest usernames and passwords as they are transmitted.

Just goes to show that it never hurts to be on top of checking your account balance.  Changing your password every so often doesn't hurt either.

It also might be a good idea to clarify that the “h0l1d4y 1nn” network you’re using is actually legit before using it to conduct any secure transactions.

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