Best and Worst Airlines This Holiday Season


Many travellers experienced great headaches when hundreds of flights were cancelled due to weather conditions during Thanksgivukkah last week. While some may be done travelling after Thanksgivukkah, many others are still relying on air transport to get to their destinations for the rest of the holiday season. During the busiest travel time of the year, it’s important for people to plan ahead. By doing so, travellers can mitigate frustrations such as inclement weather conditions and unexpected flight cancellations. As for airlines, it’s imperative to stay on schedule and satisfy customer needs.

After all, they wouldn’t want to deal with cases such as this airplane note war. (Hilarious!)

So, what are the best and worst airlines based on number of delays for the holiday season? After gathering some statistics, FlightAware released this new list for Forbes:

Top 5 Best Airlines:

  1. Hawaiian Airlines (less than 7% of flights delayed)
  2. Alaska Airlines (11% of flights delayed)
  3. Mesa Airlines (14% of flights delayed)
  4. Air Tran (14% of flights delayed)
  5. U.S. Airways (15.57% of flights delayed)

Top 5 Worst Airlines:

  1. Jetblue Airways (22% of flights delayed)
  2. Express Jet (20% of flights delayed)
  3. Frontier Airlines (19.8% of flights delayed)
  4. American Airlines (19.5% of flights delayed)
  5. American Eagle (18.39 of flights delayed)

If you’re travelling for the remainder of the holiday season, does this list affect your travelling decisions? As always, let us know below!

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