most expensive airport car park

The World’s most expensive airport parking

Where do you think the World’s most expensive airport parking is?

It’s one of those annoying charges that get you even if you only want to be there for 5 minutes. Short term parking is often the killer. You can’t circle around, stop in the way or wait in the taxi queue hoping to stay unnoticed…

Unfortunately for the Brits, some of the most expensive airport parking in the world is in England and Scotland. Australia, Spain, Ireland and America make appearances on the list too.

Topping the list is Heathrow Airport at £12 peak time charge for short stay between 1-2 hours at Terminal 4. Heathrow is closely followed by it’s other London airports, Gatwick and Stansted at £10 for a 2 hour stay.

These prices tower over other major international airports such as New York’s JSK (£5.50) and Charles De Gaulle in Paris (£6.60). Airports in Greece have also been found to host some of the cheaper airports with a short-term stay at Athens International costing only £5.40 for two hours.


Heathrow – £12

Luton – £11

Sydney – £11

Gatwick – £10

Stansted – £10

Glasgow – £9

Edinburgh – £8.90

Madrid – £7.94

Belfast – £7.50

Los Angeles – £7

Paris – £6.60

Milan – £6.60

New York – £5.50

Athens – £5.40

The problem remains that airports don’t want cars piled up around the airport and will try to encourage passengers toward public transport (as Heathrow bosses defended their prices reiterated), but are these prices just ridiculous if that isn’t an option?

What do you think?

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