World Low Cost Airlines 2015 Ebook: Soaring Growth Opportunities for Airlines for the Decade Ahead


In the upcoming decade, it is unanimously agreed upon that Asia will be in the spotlight, especially within the Southeast Asia region.

The strong increase in the purchasing power of consumers in these emerging markets has strongly encouraged low-cost carriers to offer long-haul flight services too.

While this is appealing for consumers, it brings about new challenges for the industry players. How do low-cost carriers compete efficiently with full service carriers while ensuring sustainability? What are the new opportunities for low-cost carriers to leverage on and how can they turn them into their competitive advantages?

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Now it is our privilege to have 11 experienced key leaders in the market to share with us their invaluable insights regarding the outlook of the industry for the next decade, as well as the respective ways they have adopted to cater to a new generation of travellers.

Market leaders have long recognised that competitive pricing is no longer the only unique selling point and that capturing the hearts of consumers through providing an enriching travel experience like no other is the only way forward with a thorough analysis of consumer behaviours and delivering on their needs – all of these while maintaining cost discipline simultaneously.

If you’d like to get up close and personal with the leaders in Asia Pacific’s Aviation sector, join us at the World’s Low Cost Airlines Asia Pacific 2015 event that will be held next year from 12-13 February at the Suntec Convention Centre in Singapore.

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