Windowless planes: A genius concept? Or a terrifying form of airline control?

Looking outside of the window whilst you fly, is an added perk of the in-flight experience, especially for those who choose to fly with the low cost carriers. You might not have the most comfortable chair in the world, or the finest cuisine, but the view outside is one that money can’t buy, and will remain the same no matter which airline you decide to go with. However, the innovative future of air travel has sprung up yet another alternative, windowless planes.

A UK aerospace firm have released images of their new designs, which involve replacing the windows with ‘ultra-thin and highly flexible screens’ , projecting images of the outside world. These images will be captured by cameras attached to the planes’ exterior. And if you think the advanced technology would make the price of the plane ticket more expensive, you would be wrong, in fact the concept which is being developed by the Centre for Process Innovation, will make the experience a whole lot cheaper.

In speaking to Russia Today, CPI have said; ‘the lightweight planes will be cheaper for passengers as they use less fuel than commercial planes and also produce less CO2 emissions, meaning they are better for the environment.’


And according to CPI, passengers only need to wait ten more years before this technology becomes available.  However, does the idea of scrapping windows and having the airline, and craft design controlling what it is that you are allowed to see sound like a good idea? Or, is it taking away one of the last remaining charms of low-cost air travel?

Those on Twitter, were quick to point out its potential downfalls…

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Whilst there will always be pros and cons to any new idea, it would be hard to argue with the theory that designs such as these are important in allowing us to constantly re-think the traditional format of flying. And if it can have environmental, and economic benefits, then it is certainly a concept which is worth thinking about. What do you make of the new designs?

(Image: CPI) 

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