Mr Willie Walsh confirmed to join the World Low Cost Airlines Congress 2013!

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Yesterday we had the fantastic news that CEO of International Airlines Group (IAG) Mr. Willie Walsh will be joining us for the keynote interview session at the World Low Cost Airlines Congress taking place on the morning of the 17th September. The line up was already quite feisty with Michael O'Leary, Bjorn Kjos and Pieter Elbers also being interviewed by the BBC's Stephen Sackur. But now has even more spice in the mix.

Mr. Walsh runs IAG which is the holding company of British Airways and Iberia. It is one of the world's largest airline groups with more than 400 aircraft flying to 200 destinations and carrying more than 55 million passengers each year. 

At British Airways, Willie guided the company to its first-ever 10 per cent operating margin in 2007 and introduced permanent changes across the airline to bring it through the worst recession in aviation history in 2008/9. He secured the airline's long-term strategic objective to establish a transatlantic joint business with American Airlines and Iberia and set up the merger with Iberia that led to the formation of IAG. 

Come see him and many other airline leaders at the World Low Cost Airlines Congress 2013.To find out more about the event, please download the brochure here >

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