What passengers really want from frequent flyer rewards

Infographic: What passengers really want from frequent flyer rewards

How easy is it to obtain your frequent flyer rewards? Which American frequent flyer miles frustrate us the most? Where do we want to go with our rewards?  And which airlines are easiest to get the reward you want?

Milecards.com is a website that lets users compare the value of travel credit cards based on where they want to fly. The company conducted the 2014 MileCards.com Mile Satisfaction Survey with 1,600 members of U.S. frequent flyer programs currently saving miles for an award trip.

It’s up for debate as to whether Airline Loyalty Programmes work, but here’s a summary of what the survey found on loyalty programmes in use.

2014 Mile Cards Mile Satisfaction Survey

Here are four key points from the survey results:

  • Southwest RapidRewards is #1 in overall satisfaction
  • US Airways Dividend Miles members are the most frustrated
  • United leads in satisfaction among global carriers
  • Southwest and American are the easiest to get a flight award

To read more and find out more about the respondents, what they wanted and methodology of the survey, follow this link. 

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