First class

Wave goodbye to first class airline travel

Whilst airlines such as Etihad and Emirates are taking luxury to a whole new level, and charging $25,000 for a single long haul flight, new research suggests that, on the whole, carriers obtaining a high level of class is dying out.

In fact, many airlines are beginning to scrap first-class seats and are replacing them with upgraded business-class cabins. According to new data from the Centre for Aviation (Capa), there is no longer such a big requirement for first class – “Airlines have cannibalised their first class with business-class seats that become lie-flat. At the same time, first class is increasingly off-limits for all but the top echelons of executives (or the wealthy leisure travellers, although they look more for discounts, and frequent flyer redemptions, which give a low yield).”

The next airline which can be seen scrapping the first class option according to Capa is Germany’s Lufthansa. Qatar Airway has also made it clear that its focus is being kept away from first class.

Director of corporate travel specialists Gilpin Travel, has highlighted why first class seating is dying out, especially amongst business travel; ‘It would be a bad look. In a business environment I couldn’t imagine anyone wanting a first class seat.’

[Picture: Christian Montone]

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