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Walkbase trials location-based technology at Helsinki Airport

Can location-based technology help airports improve ancillary revenues while also improving passenger experience? Airport retailers want to lure passengers in before they depart, while passengers want a stress-free journey. Can location-based technology be the answer?

To better understand passenger behaviour, Helsinki Airport has incorporated location-based technologies, combined with real-time analytics, that help predict crowds and allow them to react accordingly. Over 200 iBeacons and WiFi routers were installed around the airport to track users’ precise location through their mobile device.

Download the full article, courtesy of the World Low Cost Airlines Congress media partner Airport Industry Review to learn in more detail about:

  • Engaging Visitors

‘As airports are now home to many retailers, the possibilities are far wider than merely managing ques of people and bottlenecks’

  • The ‘creep’ factor

‘This location data will inevitably leak or get stolen at some point (because it has value)’

  • An evolving technology

‘If we know when you’re going to arrive and what your favourite cocktail is, we can have that ready in the upper class wing’

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