Vueling: Can Onboard WiFi Create A New Revenue Stream?

Low-cost, Spanish airline, Vueling, launched their high-speed in-flight WiFi service this summer. And in doing so, became the first European company to offer high speed connectivity to their in-flight.

So why does the airline think this feature of flight is so important? Maria Cardenal, their head of ancillary revenue and product development, joined us at this year’s World Low Cost Congress, and moderated one of our round tables. In discussing this service with other aviation professionals, Cardenal highlighted six keys areas all airlines must consider when looking into on-board WiFi.


Top Six Points Airlines Must Remember In Introducing On-board Wifi: 


  1. Price will be an important issue for people embracing on-board WiFi. The passenger will expect to pay little or nothing at all, in the same way they do on the ground.
  2. In order to make the WiFi opportunity into a business, the industry needs channel management companies, in order to monetize the content.
  3. Cultural differences are not a problem with free connectivity, but they are for the stored content. Due to these different cultures in Europe, we will need to personalize the content offered.
  4. We can learn from the PayTV model, and how they have been able to create their business.
  5.  The technology is ready and more band width is coming.  There are different solutions; with store content or without. (ViaSat and Thales on the table). Wifi is going to be a must for airlines in the near future.
  6. Strategic partnerships are going to be very important in entering this new channel.



Maria Cardenal is Head of Ancillary Revenue and Product development at Vueling air.


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