The UK ain’t gettin’ on no plane! Unless the airline is British Airways…

British Airways has come out on top in a recent survey conducted by Skyscanner. The survey which was taken by 4,000 UK airline passengers, revealed that the airline scored the highest in the rankings across several different categories; best food and drink, best customer service, best on board experience, and best style.

Whilst it might not come as any real surprise that the UK’s largest airline has hit the top spot, the survey did reveal an interesting runner up; Norwegian Air. As Skyscanner’s Mary Porter suggests: “being a Superbrand and one which Brits are very proud of, it’s perhaps not surprising that British Airways has scooped the top spot in our survey…however it is particularly interesting to see such strong results for a far less well-known airline, with Norwegian taking second place and goes to show that low cost does not necessarily mean an inferior product or service.  This will of course be very positive news for those anticipating booking onto its first Transatlantic routes from the UK later this year.”

The Norwegian airline came second in best customer experience, best style, and best experience on board, all areas of which you would be surprised to see a low cost airline triumph. The Skyscanner results have had bad repercussions for low cost airline, Ryanair, who failed to hit the top five on any of the chosen categories. Ryanair are currently attempting an image turnaround, in a desperate bid to improve their passenger experience. The recent results will give even further credit for as to why this is so necessary.

Do you agree with the recent results? Are surveys such as these a fair representation of what an airline can offer?

[Picture: Aero Icarus] 

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