United’s Renewed Focus on Carry-ons

Size limits on carry-on bags have been in place, but they’re inconsistently enforced from carrier to carrier.

United Airlines, however, is getting tough with the size of carry-on bags. It has introduced new bag-sizing boxes for those going in overhead bins and items going under seats. Carry-ons must be no larger than 9″ x 14″ x 22″. Workers at security checkpoints and flight crews will also be trained to spot bags that are too big.

A United spokesperson stated that the toughened enforcement is to solely “address the customers who complained about having bags within the size limit and weren’t able to take them on the plane.” Although airlines have been installing larger overhead bins, space is still limited. Oversized carry-ons can take up the space of two compliant bags. The last passengers to board the plane won’t be able to find any space, and would therefore need to check their bags at the gate.

This delays flights as passengers take longer to get seated.

But if passengers are being turned back at security, isn’t the carrier benefiting financially by collecting the $25 checked-luggage fee?

What are your thoughts?

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