ancillary products study by Fusion

Understanding the opportunity of ancillary products

Optimise your path to purchase understanding the opportunity of ancillary products in digital channels

In the age of the customer, companies are striving more than ever to increase knowledge of and engagement with their customers to improve both loyalty and revenues. Over 77% of companies with digital channels offer ancillary products in addition to their core offerings online in order to try to better meet the needs of their customers and increase the average purchase price. However, not all companies are truly optimising their ancillary sales to ensure that they are offering the right products to the right people at the right times.

In June 2014, Fusion commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate how US and UK companies in various industries are managing their online shopping carts and cross-selling ancillary products through their digital channels. To explore this trend, Forrester developed a hypothesis that tested the assertion that there are serious business benefits that can be achieved through an optimized ancillary sales program that are not being realised by organisations with immature segmentation, placement, and testing.

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Learn about:

  • Ancillary Sales Are Growing
  • Companies Are Missing Opportunities To Optimize Ancillary Sales
  • Outsourced Vendors Can Enable Ancillary Sales Optimization
  • Key Recommendations
  • Appendix A: Methodology
  • Appendix B: Supplemental Material

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