Why TV advertising is less effective than video advertising for airlines

Why TV advertising is less effective than video advertising for airlines

Why is video advertising more effective than TV advertising in the airline industry? Video advertising for airlines is fast becoming the way forward.

Do you remember David Caroll’s video about how United Airlines broke his guitar back in 2009? That video has generated 13.8m views and taught the airline industry a valuable lesson. It seems they took something else from that and have been doing a lot of their own viral videos, especially in the past year.

It’s not a coincidence that this site has a weekly video newsletter and the other sites we run don’t. The airline industry is extremely active in video advertising.

Viral video marketing seems to have taken over the declining TV advertising as the most effective form of marketing for airlines, especially when it comes to the younger audience. As a result of video advertising’s role, airlines are one of the most successful producers of video marketing in the travel industry.

Safety videos have taken on a new form, Christmas is now a miracle for passengers and airline staff get into the spirit with new film releases.

Surprisingly the most successful video from last year was Turkish Airlines “selfie off” with Kobe vs Messi. But we also saw a Christmas miracle with Westjet, Air New Zealand continuing the fun with Betty White and another day in Middle Earth and that Virgin America safety dance video.

Skift.com recently released a report on the importance of online video strategies in the travel industry. They explain the importance of online video, how it differs from other forms of marketing, the differences between various online video platforms and video’s place in the marketing toolbox. They also look at why airlines excel in this arena.

To give you a taster, Rob Ciampa, CMO of Pixability, offers a key reason why video brand building matters to Airlines:

The Airline Industry is very commodified ….people shop for the lowest prices….but when we find fares that are pretty close, how do we choose? This is where brand matters! What is it about the brand, the aircraft, where they fly? What about the company’s philosophy? This is where exciting, unique and sharable videos come into play.”

Probably something those interested in marketing for airlines should read and those looking to avoid mistakes like All Nippon Airways made in a TV ad video that was called out for racial stereotyping… Watch the video below.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCjxzpSrFP4?&rel=0&modestbranding=1&controls=1&frameborder=]

You can download the Skift report for a fee from their website here > 

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