Travelers Vote Top 5 Worst American Airports of 2013

Customers look at comfort, conveniences, cleanliness, and customer service when deciding which airports are at the top and which ones fall below par. Some factors that determine the list of best airports include armrest-free seating, reclining chairs, and quiet zones. This allows travelers to stretch out and fall asleep. Access to free Wi-Fi, 24-hour food, charging stations, and activities during a layover adds to convenience. Some factors that determine the contrary include crowded terminals and limited seats, nothing to do during a layover, dirty terminals, and anti-airport sleeping policies. Here are five American airports that made it to the Worst American Airports of 2013, based on travelers’ votes.

1. Los Angeles – LAX Airport

LAX Airport

2. New York City  – Laguardia Airport

Laguardia Airport

3. New Jersey – Newark Airport


4. New York City – JFK Airport


5. Florida – Miami Airport


These airports are some of the busiest ones. But is that an excuse to be at the bottom?

Been to any of these airports? What was your experience? Are there other airports that should make this list? Let us know below!

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