Travel marketing: how to avoid traveller frustration

How can the right travel marketing strategy help avoid traveller frustration?

Today’s travel marketers face immense pressure – constantly challenged by shareholders and management to increase capacity, grow sales, and build customer loyalty amidst a highly-competitive and quickly-evolving marketplace. In some industries, a few tweaks to the marketing strategy can produce quick and meaningful results. However, achieving similar marketing success in travel is easier said than done. Making matters even more complex is the unpredictable and fickle nature of today’s traveller. One day the customer is a business traveller with a preferred airline and hotel, and the next he or she is a family traveller with little brand loyalty. This environment makes truly getting to know customers, and personalizing offers accordingly, a tough task for even the best travel marketers.

To help you tackle the latest obstacles in travel marketing, Boxever, the sponsors of the Aviation Festival in London, have compiled a report, based on responses of 507 travellers.

Download the full report here >

This report looks at the state of travel marketing and provides vital information for marketing, e-commerce, and customer experience executives seeking to advance and contextualize customer communications and marketing efforts.

This report includes insight related to:

  1. The devastating effects of poor marketing and customer communications
  2. The challenges behind gathering customer intelligence and creating 1:1 experiences
  3. Strategies for improving customer acquisition, conversion, and retention rates
  4. How to leverage data to identify and cater to highly-valued customers
  5. The data-sharing disconnect between brands and consumers
  6. Actionable marketing advice for more impactful communications

Download the full report here >

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