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Top Ten Airline Apps


We live in a society that has become addicted to mobile phone usage. You only need to step outside your front door, and walk down the road to see that we have become obsessed; our heads are all faced down, and our thumbs are twitching away. There seems to be a constant desire to check social media notifications and discover the latest apps to join the Google play/Apple store.

In an environment such as this, it makes sense that the aviation industry have now began to develop their own individual apps, which has resulted in them all fighting for your attention, desperate to bring something different to the table. The airlines are realising this is a crucial element in building strong customer loyalty in an industry which wants to get ahead of the game. How exactly are they doing this? And most importantly, which airline is doing it best? Take a look at our guide, which is organized in descending order, ending on the worthy winner.

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