Top Gear Challenge – Plane vs Train

Last month Total Rail sent two of our colleagues to Amsterdam in a highly geared Top Gear-style race.

The point was to compare two important modes of international transport: planes vs trains. We were looking at a variety of factors, including total time taken, ease of travel/mobility, total cost, ease of booking and ticket collection, on board experience and overall impressions.

Our two travellers – Philip Kwok and Cally Archibald from Terrapinn’s Transport team – were asked to film the whole experience and report back to the delegation at this year’s Rail Experience Congress.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be uploading Philip and Cally’s videos to the Total Rail website, in the order they were revealed step-by-step to the congress audience. Let us know what you think…

Watch the next video in the series here >


This race was part of our annual Rail Revenue event which was in Amsterdam this year. Find out more about joining us and the biggest names in the industry in Brussels next year here.

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