The 6 Most Entertaining Airline Safety Videos

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Whilst we all might try to pretend we are interested, airlines know better than anyone just how much their passengers hate the in-flight safety videos. You just want to put your headphones in, and start with the latest Hollywood Blockbuster, rather than listen to how to fasten a seat belt. However, whether we like it or not, it is a very important law all airlines must follow, and this will undoubtedly never change.

However, what can change is the format in which these videos are put together. The following airline videos have proven why airlines do not need to be dull and boring. And what is even more incredible, is just how much attention these safety videos have achieved. They have entertained their audience so much, they actually want to watch them again and again even when they are not on board the plane.

Have a look at our list to find out which airlines have taken their generic safety messages, and turned them into internet sensations.

[Picture:Flickr: Airline Memorabilia]

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