Top economy classes of 2013

passenger cabin bfishadow on flickr

DesignAir recently published their top 10 economy classes of 2013. In conducting extensive field research, DesignAir looked for airlines who showed something "truly special." Rated by their judging panel of 6 industry experts, here are the top 10 economy classes of 2013.

10. Porter

9. Haiwaiian Airlines

8. Starflyer

7. Virgin Atlantic

6. Qatar Airlines

5. Etihad Airways

4. Singapore Airlines

3. Oman Air

2. Virgin America

1. Air New Zealand

What do you think? Any surprises? Are there any significant airlines missed off their list? To see the full list with best and worst bits and a detailed account of the economy class, click here to go DesignAir's post.

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