Top airlines people are most interested in

Top airlines people are most interested in

Which airlines are customer most interested in?

Thanks to Google, we can now tell you. Have you heard of Google trends? Yet again Google have come up with another genius idea. Google trends tracks popular search topics can now categorise them into charts. I'm sharing with you some data on people's Google activity regarding airlines.

Bearing in mind the product is still in development, these companies are only US companies. But can you see the potential…?

The top 10 search airline related search terms from Google are as follows:

  • American Airlines
  • Southwest
  • Southwest Airlines
  • United Airlines
  • United
  • Delta
  • Delta Airlines
  • Continental Airlines
  • Continental
  • Singapore

It's clear that the most favour airlines are American Airlines, Southwest and United Airlines.

Here's a chart of interest over time. The search stretches from 2004 until today. Looks like a decline in US airline searches…could this be with the introduction of more global airlines or an increased use in other transport options such as rail?

Finally, here's a map of the regional online interest. Notice the activity not only in the US, but in Australia and the United Arab Emirates for example.
What do you think? Can you see the positive uses for this for airlines? Especially with the integration of online activity into targeted marketing from airlines? Let me know your thoughts.

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