Top First-Class Amenity Kits

The luxury of travelling first-class has its perks, of course. Passengers are comfortable, receive personal service, and have a sense of prestige. Everything about flying first-class should be pleasant, even small details such as amenity kits. Not only are these kits an essential part of the flying experience, they also promote the airline’s image and the branded goods itself. Therefore, it’s important for airlines to select quality products. First-class passengers aren’t looking for Colgate toothpaste – they expect something better.

So, which airline ranks on top for best first class amenity kits?

British Airways Anya Hindmarch-designed bag includes a D.R. Harris & Co. toothbrush, an adjustable eye mask, cozy cotton socks, and Ren cosmetic products.


Emirates A380 planes have a shower onboard, so bath products are necessary. Kits include Bulgari products, but other products vary based on gender.

Cathay Pacific

The latest first-class amenity kits are designed differently for men and women. For men, the bag is designed by Ermenegildo Zegna, and skincare products are from Acca Kappa. For women, the bag is designed by Trussardi, and skincare products are from Aesop. Sleep suits are also included as part of these kits.


Qantas also varies its kit based on gender. Women get a clutch like bag, while men get a fold-out travel bag. Skincare products are provided by Payot Paris.

Virgin Atlantic

Amenity kits include typical items, but “Sleep Suits” (pajamas) are provided on overnight flights.

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