Top 5 Disruptive Technologies in Aviation


What are the 5 top most disruptive technologies that will impact aviation in the next 5-10 years? Over the last year we have seen some exciting new technologies emerging across multiple industries but of these new technologies which ones will simply be fads and which ones could actually help the aviation industry? I’ve outlined some of the most exciting upcoming technologies that could have a large impact on the industry, feel free to comment below if you feel I have missed any?


Wearable Tech


pebble, Air Berlin


This year we have seen wearable’s go public, Virgin Atlantic recently trialled Google Glass at Heathrow and are planning to productise this new technology across all their operations. Other airlines utilising wearable’s include Vueling and Air Berlin.



Bitcoin has been a big feature within the news in 2014. To understand Bitcoin, you must understand money. Bitcoin, like gold, has properties that make it an excellent form of money. However, unlike gold, Bitcoin can actually be used in our modern economy for making digital payments. But how will Bitcoin impact the aviation industry.




3D Printing

Airbus is already using 3D printed plastic parts on commercial A310 and A350 XWB test aircraft. Also some metal parts for their aircraft have been made with 3D Printing, the technology could really help enable safer parts and quicker turnaround for replacements and maintenance.



Legacy airlines have banks and banks of data but are they using it all correctly? the term ‘Big Data’ has become an industry buzz word but it could genuinely offer airlines and airports a way to really engage with their customers and offer a better more personalised passenger experience. What do you think?



Easyjet recently trialled the use of UAVs to help examine and repair their fleet of planes. The results have been positive but is this really a safer and more efficient way for MRO?


If you would like to hear more about how the aviation industry is planning to adopt these technologies, then please join us at our World Low Cost Airline Conference in September. We will be hearing from experts on all these technologies as part of our disruptive technology session.

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