Top 30 Passenger Experience Innovations


What are the top 30 passenger experience innovations of recent times?

Customer experience is a bit of a buzz word in marketing right now, but in fact the aviation sector has been exploring the concept of passenger experience since it started.

Deregulation of the market, entry of LCCs and declining profits took the focus off the experience for a time, but in the past 12 months or so, passenger experience has become an increasingly important focus for the aviation sector.

We've pulled together this list of what we consider to be the Top 30 Passenger Experience Innovations in air travel.

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  • Some of the greatest and not so great innovations in passenger experience
  • How airlines and companies have utilised and successfully implemented these innovations
  • Why making the passenger experience should be priority
  • Rants and raves both positive and negative

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You might disagree with us, or disagree with our reasoning, in which case please feel free to get in touch. But as regular fliers ourselves, these are the things that we think make a huge difference to creating a positive experience for passengers.


Alina, Angela and Lorna

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