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Top 3 most innovative Wireless IFE Solutions

What are the top 3 wireless IFE Solutions out there? Since the dawn of the smartphone and the rise of the passenger that expects to constantly be connected and entertained, airlines have been struggling to meet the expectations of the modern traveller, especially those lacking up-to-date in-flight entertainment systems or have no IFE implemented at all.

Until now. The rise of the agile and adaptable wireless IFE platform has not only ruffled the feathers of typical legacy systems providers, rivalling traditional heavy and expensive seatback systems but has also made way for the BYOD concept: an offering which gives all airlines the opportunity to shed weight, reduce maintenance costs and stay current and competitive.

So, we’ve picked out the top 3 innovative wireless IFE platforms we believe truly enhance passenger experience whilst offering benefits to the airlines:

1)      RAVE by Zodiac Inflight Innovations

Zii has created an innovative and complete IFE solution, incorporating four modules: embedded IFE, wireless IFE, in-flight Wi-Fi and in-flight cell phone networks. RAVE is definitely reliable, affordable and very easy to install, as well as giving the passenger the same entertainment and connectivity experience they would have at home. Passengers have the opportunity to use the wireless IFE solution to ‘pair devices’ which allows for use of the embedded IFE as well as their own device. This means, whilst watching their favourite movie, a passenger can order food or view the moving map at the same time.

2) Cloudstore by Arconics

CloudStore is the first platform that not only provides passengers with access to films, music, tv shows and retail via their own devices but is specifically tailored to engage passengers and drive ancillary revenue generation over the whole passenger journey. CloudStore allows the airline to understand consumer behaviour and take control of their IFE and create new ancillary revenue streams in real-time, both pre and post flight.

3) WISE by Global Eagle Entertainment and OnAir

WISE is a flexible and content-driven IFE platform that supports most popular personal devices but most importantly, offers some of the best content libraries available for passenger viewing. With Global Eagle’s reputation and relationships with Hollywood supporting this platform, airlines ensures consistent high quality content from approved major Hollywood studios straight to passengers own devices.

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