Top 10 richest people in aviation

Top 10 richest people in aviation

Last weekend, The Sunday Times in the UK released it's annual rich list. This got me thinking, we all know the big names in aviation- but what are the big numbers? The rich list is a chance for us normal types to get a little insight into the wealth of the world's most successful industry players. So here are the top 10 richest people in aviation- enjoy!

10. James Gaggero and family

Worth £85m, The Gaggero family built up GB Airways, which was sold for £103m to EasyJet.

9. Bhupendra Kansagra and family

Worth £170m, Kansagra, 56, sold a £20m stake in the Indian low-cost SpiceJet airline in 2010.

8. Lord Glendonbrook

Worth £200m, Glendonbrook, formerly Sir Michael Bishop, was the chairman of BMI, the Midlands-based airline now owned by British Airways. Lufthansa took it over in 2009, paying £223m for his stake.

7. Stephen and Peter Bond

Worth £202m. After the £275m sale of their Bond Aviation Group two years ago, the Bond brothers extended interests into regional airlines last year when they bought BMI Regional and the Scottish group Loganair. Together, the two airlines operate throughout the UK and Europe, with 44 planes carrying more than 1m passengers a year.

6. David Hood

Worth £240m. Hood, 65, runs the Multiflight air charter business and online search group Infoserve.

5. Tony Fernandes

Worth £396m, Fernandes, 48, owns AirAsia. Mr Fernandes has founded four airlines and is part owner of the Tune group, which runs hotels, financial services and mobile phone businesses.

4. The Walker family

Worth £500m. The Exeter-based regional airline Flybe is worth £36.3m. It was taken over by the late Jack Walker in 1983 and his family’s stake has fallen by £95m to £17.5m.

3. Naresh Goyal and family

Worth £515m. Goyal’s Jet Airways is selling a 24% stake to the UAE national airline, Etihad, in a $300m deal. India-born Goyal, 62, who commutes between Mumbai and London, set up Jet in 1991 and it is worth £625m, valuing Goyal’s stake at £500m.

2. Sir Peter Rigby

Worth £550m. Rigby, 69, bought Coventry airport in 2010 and turned its fortunes around. Other interests include hotels and a helicopter business.

1. Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou and family

Worth £1,700m,  the infamous Haji-Ioannou, 46, has threatened to sell his family’s near-37% stake in the easyJet budget airline if the board continues to “squander” cash on new aircraft with an “expansion at any cost policy”. The entrepreneur founded the company in 1995 with two leased aircraft and a £5m loan from his shipping magnate father. EasyJet’s shares have surged in the past year and the Haji-Ioannou family stake is worth nearly £1.5bn.

What do you think? Surprised? Not at all surprised? How did they do it?! I'm not jealous at all… Let us know your thoughts on the richest people in aviation.

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