Top 10 Airline Blogs

Top 10 Airline Blogs

Simpliflying have shared their top 10 airline blogs including some of the big names from airBaltic to Southwest.

Speaking as a contributor to a handful of blogs, I have seen the power of online communication platforms, especially when the content is of a high standard. It's benefited us and I hope our readers, at the same time building a relationship between the two.

Certain airlines have maintained their blogs so well, they are seen as the content powerhouses of the industry. These are the blogs that go further in sharing what they have to say but also inviting users and customers to have their say too.

Here is Simpliflying's round up of the top airline blogs out there.

What do you think? Do you agree? Are there airlines that have been missed off this list? Obviously each strategy varies – it takes each airline to put in some investment whether that be time or money and figure out how things work and what consumers are looking for.
Let me know your thought by commenting below!
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