Why Today’s PSSs Fail Airlines

Airlines today can sometimes seem to be lacking in the area of understanding their customers. In favor of focusing more on the business end of the airline, in some cases the needs of the customer can fall behind. Today’s PSSs are not suited to flexibility or the current state of the airline industry. They cater to biggest players only, but leave mid-size and low-cost carriers out in the cold.

The result of things operating in this manner is that the lack of alternative systems is preventing airlines from simplifying their operations when it comes to the customer. At this time, airlines have been complicating processes for their customers, and operating ineffectively, taking a long time to make decisions.

Timothy O’Neil-Dunne of Hitit Computer Services joined us for Aviation Festival Americas 2016 to discuss why today’s PSSs fail airlines. In this presentation, learn about what an ideal PSS should be like and why they aren’t that way today.

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  • Separation of Operational & Commercial
  • Lack of alternatives at PSS and current add-ons
  • What an ideal PSS should be like
  • Major system characteristics – product
  • Major system characteristics – service

and much more!

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If you’re interested in learning more about PSSs and their effect on airlines , join us for Aviation Festival Americas 2017 , held May 9-10 in Miami, FL .