Tigerair Infrequent Flyers Club launch

The Tigerair Infrequent Flyers Club is open.

Tigerair is targeting everyday, normal Australians who would love to fly more with a new online community called the Infrequent Flyer Club, created in partnership with McCann Australia.

The campaign includes a video series on YouTube, social media, airport advertising and other paid channels. The gist is that it’s the opposite to a frequent flyer program that the target audience would not be able to afford. Instead, Tigerair offer a system where you earn no points, are alerted about deals and can choose your own membership. You can choose from 18 levels – Hipster chino through to triple emerald sapphire ivory and don’t forget level beer.

This video is an example of how you won’t be getting a mini bottle of complimentary wine. But you’ll be happy. One of the videos in the series even takes a jab at Qantas who have Neil Perry as their international in flight chef, pointing out that they don’t. With the background of a regular sandwich and the regular passenger eating a muffin…

So the campaign is basically a starting point for Tigerair to get a marketing mailing list together to build a CRM system to keep in touch. But they’re doing it with humour! What do you think? It took me a while to get my head around.

I got in touch with Tigerair about the Infrequent Flyers Club. Here’s what they said…

What is the aim of the campaign and what does Tigerair want to gain from the infrequent flyers club?

We acknowledge that there are many Australians who don’t fly as often as they would like but still want to be part of a scheme that offers regular updates on great travel deals as well as surprises and rewards without having to spend certain amounts to qualify.

We wanted to create a club that on one side is a bit of fun but on the flip side offers some tangible travel benefits. Many Tigerair passengers are first time flyers or haven’t flown by air for a while and are therefore “infrequent flyers.” This campaign is a fun way to engage people with our brand which enables people to travel by air, more often, for less.

The infrequent flyer club is essentially a customer relationship management (CRM) platform that allows Tigerair to keep “infrequent flyers” up to date with great deals and surprise and delight incentives to travel to a number of popular destinations across our network. An integrated marketing campaign including You Tube, out of home and radio advertising, social media, airport advertising and on plane activation will drive traffic to the website and encourage membership uptake.

What is the idea behind the levels of membership?

While there are 18 membership tiers, the great thing about this club is that we let the customer choose what level they want to be, from Beer, to Bin Green or Hipster Chino. Once you have chosen your level and registered online you simply print off the card and you’re in! Any airline can have a frequent flyer programme but it takes a special airline to think about the people that do not travel by air so regularly. There are no lounges or preferential treatment and you don’t earn points to be rewarded. Best of all you get to choose your own level of membership.

How do you think this will affect passenger experiences or decision to choose Tigerair?

Aside from being fun and humorous, essentially it’s about encouraging customer engagement with the Tigerair brand and at the same time, providing our club members with information and “infrequent” rewards to assist them to make their next travel plans.  The club will provide Tigerair with a platform to constantly engage with Australians in an innovative way that brings the brand attributes to life.

Here’s the link to their website >

Watch the other videos in the series on their YouTube channel here >

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