How to take control of your API strategy


What’s your API strategy? Whatever the answer, as an airline, it is essential that you have a strategy that puts you squarely in control of your products, ancillary offers, personalization strategy, and capability to serve multiple channels.  With ancillary revenues climbing to more than $38B for 2014 and only expected to grow, effective merchandising of value-added services is essential for airlines of all shapes and sizes. Airline executives across multiple functions – Marketing, E-commerce, Distribution, Sales, IT, Operations, and the C-suite – are under tremendous pressure to deliver innovative results, which in some cases can be up to $45 of incremental revenue per passenger.

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Download this whitepaper to learn in more detail about:

  • Barriers created by legacy technology
  • How to choose the right API:  four key components
  • How to obtain an API: build, buy or wait?
  • How to take control

New opportunities to grow and transform loyalty programs, including the largely underserviced small-to medium-sized corporate market, create even more reasons for airlines to invest in new technologies that make it possible to innovate faster, more creatively, and across multiple channels and touch points. This all leads back to a question that has crossed over from the depths of IT into mainstream airline parlance: What’s our API strategy? Investment in a robust API and supporting technologies can make or break an airline’s ability to compete in the new world of personalization, yield managed offers, and New Distribution Capability (NDC).

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