The stunning pictures that capture our flight paths

The stunning pictures that capture our flight paths (Michael Markieta, Arup)

Michael Markieta, transportation planner at Arup has developed visualisations of flight paths across the world by using geographical information systems.

Data collected reaches around 58,000 flight paths- the busiest in the world being Atlanta, Georgia in the US and Frankfurt International in Europe. Other top airports include Beijing, Sydney and Cairo.

You can imagine it to be quite hard to display that many flight paths, especially with overlapping. Markieta used different shades of blue- lighter for the short haul flights and darker for the long haul flights. The busiest parts of the map lay over the biggest cities and the outlines of the flight path highlighted areas of the world- leaving no need to apply base layers to identify areas on the map.

Markieta's images used data from

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