SmartVideo: The future of personalised airline marketing?

Is the future of personalised airline marketing in video?

As we already know, video works for airlines when it comes to marketing. Targeting consumers online using cookie or website browsing history is equally as important. When asked about marketing for airlines Daniele Beccari, travel project manager at Criteo says email remains one of the primary channels for communication.

US-based video marketing and application development company, SundaySky, has imagined a world where an airline such as SouthWest might be able to send out personalised marketing and information messages to customers using their trip data. Could a brief but relevant clip work?

Jonathan Clarkson, Director of Rapid Rewards at Southwest Airlines, recently spoke at Loyalty 360’s 2012 Engagement Expo on the topic: “How Customer Preferences = Loyalty + Revenue.”

The above proof-of-concept SmartVideo demo was shown during his session, to demonstrate one strategy to focus on effectively engage consumers in a one-to-one, personalized, preference-driven manner. Customer preferences culiminate into a unique “onboarding” video tailored not only to the individual passenger with flight specifics but also to a holistic travel experience for that passenger. By engaging customers in such a personalized, informative and entertaining way, Southwest delivers a differentiated and memorable brand experience that boosts customer satisfaction and keeps ’em coming back.

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