Singapore Airlines first air-rail partnership in the UK

Singapore Airlines have announced the launch of the first Rail-Fly partnership in the UK, alongside First Great Western and Heathrow Express.

Customers travelling from 11 Southwest destinations, including Bath, Bristol and Plymouth, can now arrange their international flights and rail fares under one booking.

I got in touch with Singapore Airlines about the partnership, here’s what they said:

“Singapore Airlines felt there was great potential in introducing this industry first, which makes it easier for consumers from the southwest to access Heathrow Airport and its four daily departures to Singapore.

“As a global airline, Singapore Airlines has long had a heritage of innovation and award-winning customer service and this new partnership is another example of this. Together, the three partners’ intention is create a genuinely less stressful alternative for customers travelling to Heathrow and will be working hard to make rail-fly a success.

“We are unable to comment on what our competitors may choose to do but our focus is solely on the partnership between Singapore Airlines, First Great Western and Heathrow Express and making it a success.

“We believe there is a strong consumer benefit in combining the two rail tickets and international flight ticket in one booking. We hope that it will be popular as a result and while our focus is currently on launching the concept, we already have plans for the partners to work together even closer in the future. In particular, we are planning to incorporate even more First Great Western destinations in the southwest to enable more passengers to start their journey from their local station.”

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What do you think of this step forward in the UK? Should more airlines and rail operators be pushing for partnerships?

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