How Singapore Airlines branded its low cost carrier

How Singapore Airlines branded its low cost carrier

Singapore Airlines faced a challenge when it came to branding their low cost carrier, Scoot.

Singapore Airlines is known for its high levels of service and quality, yet low cost competitors were taking more market share. The group then saw an opportunity to enter the low cost market. How did they do it?

  • They chose to develop a low cost airline for medium to long haul flights
  • The team decided the new airline’s name should be slightly offbeat – a bit quirky, but memorable. The result was “Scoot”
  • They chose yellow and white for the brand because those colours feel bright, vivid and happy
  • The airline would be positioned as an airline for the time-rich and cash-poor, the young and the young-at-heart and for those that just wanted a good deal
  • In November 2011, Mr Wilson unveiled Scoot with the promise of low-cost tickets to exciting destinations. From the start, it was established as an independently operated airline with its own “attitude” – dubbed “Scootitude” – to denote a relatively unconventional approach to personable service that was fun
  • Scoot began generating a buzz about four months before tickets went on sale in March 2012. The airline directly engaged with its target audience through social media such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. By the time of its maiden flight in June 2012, the airline had 70,000 followers on Facebook

Scoot is now a popular airline known for it’s light hearted attitude. Here’s an example.

scoot singapore airlines low cost carrier

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