Saudi Airlines declare their survival will now depend upon how they use their data

Saudi Airlines, the flag carrier airline for Saudi Arabia,  is one of the largest airlines in the Middle East, however their latest statement reveals that their survival will now be dependent on how they use data.

In a recent statement, their executive vice president of Finance, Muhammad Albakri, has announced that the airline have recently implemented a business intelligence (BI) solution with Microsoft Corp. This new software will help the airline ‘analyse, visualise and share data in a unified way.’

In describing the use of the new software, Albakri declared; ‘Each vertical within the group had their own data they needed to run their operations, we didn’t really have an overall cohesive umbrella that takes the best of that information, augments them together, clean them up and present in a fashion where C-suite decision makers can make good use of that information. We had to reduce the cost to make sure every dollar we spend is a dollar that produces a lot of business value.’

The software now includes Microsoft SQL Server 2012, Power BI for Office 365, Windows Server 2012, all of these elements will pull together, allowing the airline to gain a grip over the different areas of data within their business model.

Albakri believes that the ‘new BI solution is like turning on the headlights of a car on a curvy, dark road. Without it, it really would be a sort of guessing game for how to tone our marketing or determine our pricing strategy or our service offering. So for Saudi Airlines it is a competitive advantage; it is a valuable tool…our survival will depend on how we consume information and how we extract intelligence from the huge amounts of data that we generate from the operations side. We would not be able to drive the airline in the right direction without these type of solutions.’

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