Why Ryanair have introduced allocated seating

From the 1st February 2014, seats on all Ryanair flights will be fully allocated.

We’ve discussed Ryanair making changes for this year in O’Leary’s early video and how the airline is investing in IT and digital.

I emailed Ryanair about the new allocated seating and here’s what they had to say:

“Ryanair’s return to allocated seating was in response to the enormous demand from our customers via Ryanair’s “Tell MOL” customer feedback initiative, where our customers put their suggestions directly to Michael O’Leary.  Ryanair’s decision to launch fully allocated seating is also part of our commitment to listen to our customers, and improve our industry leading customer service which comprises Europe’s lowest air fares, most on-time flights,  fewest lost bags, and fewest customer complaints.

“81m people choose to fly with Ryanair annually. We are listening to our customers and responding, so that they can continue to enjoy the lowest fares and most on-time flights, but can also benefit from our recent improvements to our industry leading customer service, including allocated seating, a second free small bag carry-on bag, easier website access, a “My Ryanair” registration service, 24 hour grace periods, “quiet flights” and reduced bag fees, with further improvements set to be rolled out over the coming weeks and months.”

They also provided a press release when I asked “Do you think changes like this will improve profits for Ryanair in the next year?” You can see the press release here on losses and planned changes. 

Competing with the likes of Easyjet and other low cost airlines, Ryanair are continuing to fulfill their promise for change. What do you think of their move to allocated seating?

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