Ryanair and Easyjet: Where it all began…

Ryanair and Easyjet: Where it all began…

Have Ryanair and Easyjet always been the no frills, cost saving/incurring airlines that they are now?

Caroline Green, head of customer service at Ryanair, might have even had an easier job at some point. Unlike today. Thanks O'Leary.

Back in the day, if a flight was late, Ryanair would be known to hand out free food and drink to customers. Even customers who's flight were on time with another airline took advantage of Ryanair's generosity. Honestly, I'm not just making up blogs on a Friday afternoon here.

So customers were happy but the company itself was losing millions of pounds. Cue Mr O'Leary. Initially his advice was to close the operation down. After Tony Ryan refused, O'Leary took inspiration from Southwest Airlines to make Ryanair what it is today. Thanks for that Tony.

With some ruthless cost cutting and harsh discipline, O'Leary turned the flailing company around to the industry dominating company it is today.

Not only did Ryanair take inspiration from Southwest, Easyjet and Sir Stelios followed suit. He said himself he took some outrageous risks.

General theme her is crazy, outlandish risk takers succeed in the world of low cost airlines.

What do you think? Are we better off for the situation we're in today with no frills airlines? Ryanair certainly is.

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