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Is the rise of premium economy a game changer?

More airlines than ever before are jumping on the premium economy bandwagon, and competing to offer the best cabin to ensure that both business and leisure travellers are satisfied. But bridging the gap between economy and business cabins can be tricky – how do you differentiate your premium economy offering effectively, whilst still protecting your business class revenue?

Award-winning premium economy provider Air New Zealand together with LCCs El Al Airlines and Spicejet offer insights into their premium economy strategy in a panel at the upcoming Air Xperience Asia 2016 event:

Premium Economy: The new normal?

  • Nailing the business case for a premium economy cabin
  • What potential growth is there for premium economy cabins in Asia?
  • FSCs vs. LCCs on pursuing corporate travellers on low-cost premium offers
  • How can you differentiate your premium economy cabin? – Is it just about a bigger seat, or should you differentiate the whole experience?
  • Maintaining and protecting business class revenue when introducing a premium economy cabin


  • Cam Wallace, Chief Sales & Commercial Officer, Air New Zealand
  • Iya Magen, Head of UP, EL AL Airlines
  • Kamal Hingorani, Senior Vice President & Head of Inflight Services and Customer Experience, SpiceJet

AirXperience Asia was introduced in 2014 to focus on the fundamentals of the passenger travel experience at every possible touch point, both on ground and in the air. With the rise of new and innovative enterprise mobility, connectivity and big data solutions, the opportunities to transform the customer experience and operational efficiency are limitless.

Now in its 3rd year, AirXperience Asia continues to look at how we as an industry, can utilise technology and new business processes to enhance the whole end-to-end aviation experience for the next generation of “connected” passengers.

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