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How to revamp you corporate loyalty program: 3 ways to deliver more revenue and happy customers

How do you revamp your corporate loyalty program? Farelogix look at 3 ways to deliver more revenue and happier customers

Airline merchandising has forever transformed the industry. It has been a boon in revenue for airlines that have historically operated on razor-thin margins, and a strategy for airlines to compete for customers by separating themselves from their competition. Most importantly, merchandising has fundamentally shifted the airline marketplace, giving consumers more choices and options than they have ever had when shopping for air travel. And this is only just the beginning.

However, amidst these newly realized benefits for airlines and consumers, there is still huge, untapped opportunity in the corporate market, especially with small- and medium-sized businesses, which account for a significant amount of airline spending. So, in today’s marketplace, full of new travel options like Wi-Fi, premium seating, advanced boarding, and more, how can an airline strategically merchandise to win more SME business?

Here are 3 Tips:

  1. Get creative in how your airline defines loyalty in the corporate market.
  2. Differentiate your airline loyalty program from all the rest.
  3. Create rewards programs that are customized for individual travelers as well as the small to medium sized corporations.

If you would like to read more about these tips, please visit Farelogix.com or click here to download the white paper.

Upgrading the corporate loyalty program through integration of merchandising is key to delivering a More Revenue Happy Customer strategy.

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