Research reveals the best way for airlines to increase their ancillary revenue

In-flight entertainment has always relied heavily on what television shows, or films are being played. The airlines with the best selection, tend to also have the happiest passengers on board. And recent research conducted by Spafax, has revealed that the most popular option for entertainment, is comedy.

Spafax, who currently supply entertainment to 30 airlines in 20 countries, have suggested that comedy will ease and relax passengers, especially those travelling at a long distance.

Al St. Germain, vice president of Spafax USA, has said; ‘“Comedy is still king. Hollywood’s new releases are the core of our offer, but offering these new releases really depends on the brand of the airline. Across all cabin classes, there’s a lot more demand for box set shows and non-traditional broadcast content like shows not on mainstream television.”

So should airlines scrap the other genres, save their money and simply give the passengers what they want? JetBlue airlines, suggest on-board entertainment should not just come down to one genre, but the customer’s right to a selection. Jamie Perry, director of product development for Jetblue, has said;

‘“Given the nature of content we have, most customers can watch what they want. Offering live content is hugely popular, particularly with our sports channels. Customers loved watching the World Cup live on our flights. We’re all about choices.”

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