The Reinvention Of Airline Customer Loyalty

Airlines are constantly reinventing how they can make their customers remain loyal to their brand. Some airlines have been criticised in failing to get this right, whilst others are hitting the nail on the loyalty head. United Airlines for example, have just launched their MileagePlus X app.

The new concept not only demonstrates that the airline are thinking about how their customer loyalty programme  can  allow their passengers to gain points on a day to day basis, but also reflects their forward thinking when it comes to mobile apps. Praveen Sharma, United’s Vice President of Loyalty, has said – ‘The new MileagePlus X app builds on the increasing popularity of mobile purchasing, enabling members to make in-store purchases and earn miles without having to pull out a credit card.’

United Airlines, reinforces that the most effective way of reinforcing a successful customer loyalty programme is by keeping it simple. And by doing so, making the lives of your passengers far easier. Furthermore by entering yourselves into their everyday retail habits, your brand name can become a constant reminder that you are an airline they need to depend upon.

Are the majority of airlines keeping their loyalty schemes alive? Or have they left it down to a selected few?

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