Press release: Spanish company Renacen wins Visionary Concepts category at Crystal Cabin Awards 2018 with 3D SeatMapVR, the future of airlines seat map visualization

Crystal Cabin Awards left us some amazing creations in a number of different categories, where innovation and talent were a common point of all of them. In the category of Visionary Concepts, the product 3D SeatMapVR from Spanish company Renacen won the trophy, launching it to the market with Emirates Airline.

3D SeatMapVR is a visualization engine that displays an immersive 3D 360º view during booking process. When a customer is choosing his seat in a traditional seat map, and he clicks on it, 3D SeatMapVR shows a window with this immersive view. By doing so, it allows the customer to know much better how the seat is, the dimensions, materials, location of different parts, etc.

It helps airlines to sell more special seats (like Emergency Exit seats) and upgrades, getting an excellent ROI, as customers can really feel the difference between one seat and another.

In addition, it helps customers to better know the seat, the plane, and the surroundings. It makes them fly more confident, as well as it helps reducing the number of complaints, because now the customer can really know every detail of his seat. The airline can manage user expectations in a whole new way.

It is compatible with all kind of devices (PC, tablets, smartphones…) as it is based on web technology, so the passenger doesn’t need to download any external application or plugin to use it. It is all integrated in the browser, so the user experience is very fluent. And, for those who really want to feel like inside the plane, it can be used with VR glasses like Google Cardboard.

3D SeatMapVR is based on computer generated images. It makes it much more convenient, as any changes can be implemented faster than working with real pictures.

Emirates Airline will be the first airline globally to use this technology across their digital Channels

Below you’ll find a link to a video that show the way it works:

About Renacen
Renacen is a Spanish company specialized in cutting edge software development. They have more than 6 years of experience in advanced user interfaces, fluent user experience, 3D and IoT.
With headquarters in Badajoz, they have offices in Madrid and Mexico too.

Contact information
Diego Cachero Rodríguez
CEO of Renacen
CEO of 3D SeatMapVR.
(+34) 622 878 253

Released Hamburg, Germany. April 11th, 2018.