Paws and Relax: British Airways hope that adorable animals will calm down nervous fliers

British Airways are focusing their recent efforts on the stress levels of on-board passengers. And after looking into some recent scientific research, the airline firmly believe that ‘cute animals’ will be a helpful remedy in lowering nervous passengers heart rate, and consequently creating a much more enjoyable in-flight experience.

The “Paws and Relax” television channel will become available to travelers on long-haul flights in September, and will feature adorable footage of cute animals, such as puppies and kittens.

Richard D’Cruze, British Airways’ in-flight entertainment manager, says; ‘It might sound barking, but there’s lots of research to suggest that watching pets can enhance overall well-being. We have sniffed out some fantastic content that is cute, comforting and sure to appeal to travelers of all ages.’

Last month we wrote about another relaxation strategy introduced by the airline; The British Airway’s ‘happiness blanket’.

Blankets and cute animals, does anyone else feel like the airlines tactic is to take us back to our childhood? And most importantly will this work in creating a more relaxed journey for the more anxious travelers amongst us?

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