Record breaking figures at Farnborough Air Show 2014

Farnborough Air Show 2014 has been labelled as the ‘biggest in a number of years.’

David Cameron opened the show with a significant promise to spend £1.1 billion in a bid to help Britain’s security. The money will be split in to two different parts; £800 million will be invested to improve intelligence and surveillance and £300 million on existing programmes which shall include drones. In speaking to the audience, the Conservative Prime Minister declared ‘defence was no longer about battle tanks in central Europe but modern threats…there are threats you cannot defend against from the White Cliffs of Dover.’

The aviation show, which has been declared the biggest in the world, continued to go from strength to strength. In its opening day, it had announced a record breaking number of orders totalling approximately $41. 9 billion, which was three times bigger than the opening day in 2012.

Whilst the show was an exceptionally positive sign for the global aerospace industry as a whole, it was Airbus that came out on top. It trumped its biggest rival, Boeing, and beat its own personal record, by making $75bn (£43bn) in business.

A large part of the aerospace giants success was down to a revamp of its popular A330 long range. The wide-body planes, competed against Boeing’s Dreamliner 787, achieving great success, proving if it isn’t broke – don’t try and fix it.

Kiran Rao, Airbus’ executive vice president of strategy and marketing said; ‘The A330 has been one of our most successful aircraft in the Airbus wide-body family. What we are doing is making this aircraft, which is already great, better.”

Airbus also revealed the importance of listening to their customer. Fabrice Brégier, president and CEO of Airbus, said; ‘We enjoy very good sales of the A330, but we were listening to our customers. People were telling us, your aircraft is fantastic if you could achieve a better level of fuel burn.’

The close of the exhibition, meant that final verdict on total sum of orders could be calculated. In doing so, it has since been confirmed that the airshow reached $201 billion. This beats all previous records set by the show.

Amanda Stainer, commercial director for show organisers Farnborough International has said; ‘We are delighted by the orders and commitments at the show, however, it’s the networking outside of those deals that are just as important demonstrated by the number of exhibitors that have already rebooked for 2016. The value of bookings for the 2016 show has increased by a massive 1,000 per cent compared to 2014. We are very pleased.’

(Picture: Charles Rincheval) 

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