oslo gardemoen airport expansion

Oslo Gardermoen Airport expansion reaches the halfway mark

The expansion of Oslo Gardermoen Airport has officially reached the halfway mark. Construction of the new departures and arrivals hall, railway station and pier began in 2011, and when completed in April 2017, passenger capacity is expected to rise from 23 to 28 million passengers per annum.

As well as increasing capacity, Oslo Airport is also focussed on being as environmentally friendly as possible. As reported in AirportsInternational, the airport team has taken several measures to reduce the airport’s carbon footprint, such as choosing environmentally-friendly materials, and even using snow for cooling and waste for heating. Other plans include expanding the railway station to increase passenger public transport usage to 70%.

Oslo Airport’s Managing Director, Nic Nilsen, said “one confirmation that we are on the right track is that the new departures and arrivals hall and the new pier will be certified as ‘Excellent’ in the BREEAM Bespoke rating system.  BREEAM is the world’s foremost environmental assessment method for buildings, and the choice of a wooden roof on the new pier together with sound energy solutions utilising sewage and snow are key elements here.”

What can other airports learn from Oslo Gardermoen? Well, personally I find it incredible that they are still so punctual, in spite of ongoing construction. So many airports around the world have awful punctuality records, and with little to no excuse for it. And as for being environmentally-friendly, I think in an industry where the environment is inevitably going to be affected in a negative way it’s important to do what you can to offset that. Granted not every airport will have access to snow for cooling, but I’m sure most could take some steps in the right direction.