O’Leary’s plan to dominate European Short Haul

O'Leary's plan to dominate European Short Haul (The Green Party on flickr)

Michael O'Leary– he's not leaving! He's threatened to a couple of times, but now plans to stay and dominate European short haul while watching other competitors drop off in the meantime.

"There's going to be a push for the legacy carriers to walk away from the loss-making, short-haul business, handing over more and more market share," O'Leary said. "The rate of change is going to speed up. The next five years look very interesting and exciting and therefore there is no reason for me to leave."

So much for quitting in a couple of years… Instead he plans on boosting the fleet and double the market value all before 2018.

Competitors include Air France, Lufthansa and British Airways parent group IAG are all part of a short haul flight revamp as they are becoming less sustainable and profitable. O'Leary says they are all doomed to fail as "they're not really committed to low fares."

Plans for change don't stop at dominating the European market- they also stretch to the marketing tactics. Ultimately, that the idiosyncratic management style that deploys O'Leary as the face of Ryanair accepting positive and negative press with laughs about pay toilets and standing flights may need to change.

"There's going to be a time over the next few years to ease me out and try to change the image of Ryanair away from being somewhat cavalier, that we don't care," he said. "I think we need to soften those sharper edges of my personality."

Only time will tell! It's clear there's no stopping Michael O'Leary yet.

Mr O'Leary will be speaking at the World Low Cost Airlines Congress 2013. Click here to find out more.

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