Norwegian Air Revolutionise Travel: ‘£150 Flights From London To America’

Norwegian Air Shuttle has taken a huge plunge and launched $255 (£150) flights from the UK to America. This decision has been addressed as a real ‘game changer’ within the aviation industry, as pressure now turns to other low cost airlines to play catch up.

Prices will have slightly higher costs in the more popular periods, such as the summer months, however Norwegian Air will be offering journeys from as little as £150 one way from London to American destinations such as New York.

Recent months have been clouded with uncertainty for the airline, as various different obstacles have been placed in front of their different ideas for business ventures. Only a week ago, former Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said the federal government should withhold a permit for the carrier to fly into the US from a base in Ireland, until ‘further studies’ had been made;

‘We should not rush approval of the new business model until the consequences for international competition and the impact on airlines, their workers, and consumers are fully understood.”

However, Bjorn Kjos, chief executive of the Norwegian airline, believe he knows the real reason behind the scepticism;

“They have a protected environment for high prices,” he said. “They hate that we will have introductory fares for $99.”

How are they able to keep the prices so low?

The question everyone is now asking the airline is how exactly are they maintaining such low fares,  when other airlines have held back? Well, Norwegian Air have put it down to their new fuel-efficient Dreamliner planes.

In addition to the fuel saving costs, there is also the never ending list of add ons. Feeling thirsty? A can of something fizzy will set you back £2.50, and then there is the added meal and suitcase costs. However, the airline are trying to make the add ons more inviting, and have offered different packages, such as; £35 each, for two meals, a reserved seat and up to 20 kg in luggage.

Whilst this cost doesn’t sound too daunting, it does begin to slowly create a mist over the sparkly, bright low cost sticker.

But Norwegian Air have undoubtedly opened up further options for travellers, and in doing so,  a new benchmark has been set for the other low cost airlines to follow suite.

The airline’s plunge into lowering costs even further, is important in keeping the future of aviation rejuvenated.

Norwegian Air Shuttle’s CEO, Bjørn Kjos, will be being interviewed at our Low Cost Airline Event this September. Click on the banner below to find out more information about the event, as well as details on how to attend.

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 [Picture: Flickr: Karendesuyo]

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