The next steps – Your journey to the future

Your airline business is in a constant state of evolution. Whether young, emerging or mature, it constantly needs to evolve and grow to help realize new opportunities and adapt to change. Airlines don’t always follow the same path to growth. Along the way, there will be decisions about which business direction to take next. Passenger services systems are at the commercial heart of your business. Whatever you want to achieve in your business relies on the capabilities of these systems and their related components. They should be adaptable to the needs of your operation without overburdening you with unnecessary complexity and cost or holding you back when you require greater sophistication.

The PSS is one of the most important tools that you need to run an airline. As your business makes progress, you may require different capabilities than the ones you started out with. This may result in you looking to your passenger services systems (PSS) to provide the functionality needed at each step along the way.
Certain components are must-haves. Core systems – Reservation, Inventory, Fulfilment, Pricing, E-Commerce, Departure Control and related services – provide the building blocks of the airline passenger services system.

As you grow, you will want to branch out into partnerships with other carriers through code share, interlining, perhaps joining an alliance. You’ll also want to broaden your channels of distribution and the different markets those channels reach, such as corporate and international buyers.

You’ll want to build additional sources of revenue. You can unbundle and re-bundle the components of your services and deliver them in new, creative ways. This can be a win-win proposition for your airline and your customers alike. You can be competitive on price, while opening new revenue streams by offering a base fare with upsell options.

You’ll want to step up the passenger experience. Make self-service the main channel through which customers experience your brand. It represents a win-win opportunity for your airline. It can help you increase efficiency and reduce costs while increasing customer satisfaction.

You’ll want to recognize customers and build enduring customer relationships. Get to know your regular travelers better. Value them as individuals and treat them accordingly. Customer focus is not just the function of a single application. It’s an operating standard that’s embedded across the airline system and processes.

You’ll want to get smart with data – harness it in real-time, with great accuracy. The masses of available information can be used to improve your airline’s operation and turned into actionable intelligence. Make better use of this data and you can broaden the opportunities to keep passengers happy and create more revenue.

When that happens, your airline needs a passenger services system (PSS) partner that will be with you for the whole journey, no matter which direction you take.

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