Air Asia QZ8501: Discovery Of Black Box Will Shed Light On Plane Crash

Air Asia’s Airbus A320 plane went missing just over two weeks ago, and whilst it has been confirmed that there was no remaining survivors,  there is yet to be any evidence which explains why it happened. However, the search team has now revealed that the black box, which will provide vital new information, has been discovered.

Head of Indonesia’s search and rescue agency Bambang Soelistyo has told reporters; ‘I received information from the National Transport Safety Committee chief that at 07:11 (00: 11 GMT), we succeeded in bringing up part of the black box that we call the flight data recorder.”  Hours later, it was revealed that the cockpit recorder had also been resurfaced.

The plane, which was on route from Surabaya in Indonesia to Singapore,  crashed into the Java sea, and has so far recovered 48 bodies out of the 162 people that were killed. Experts are confident that the discovery of the black box, in addition to the finding of the cockpit voice recorder, will shed new light in what happened to cause the plane to crash.

S.B. Supriyadi, a director with the national search and rescue agency, revealed that on the basis of the initial investigation, it would appear that the plane’s explosion was down to the impact which took place when it hit the water; ‘It exploded because of the pressure. The cabin was pressurised and before the pressure of the cabin could be adjusted. It went down – boom. That explosion was heard in the area.’

Whilst the discovery of the black box will now be able to provide vital new information on as to why the plane hit the water,  the crash has added yet further scrutiny to the Indonesian airline market. And to make matters worse, Indonesian Officials have alleged that Indonesia Air Asia did not have a license to fly the route on the day of the crash. However, this is something the Airline have strongly rejected.

That being said, many are confident that, unlike Malaysia Airlines, Malaysia-based Air Asia will be able to quickly overcome this tragedy, following a 13-year run of success.