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Low-cost airlines cause security confusion by not carrying out the additional checks

Security Checks On Mobile Phones Will Not Be Administered On Budget Airlines

Earlier this week it was revealed that for any flights to or from any UK or US airports there would be anti-terror checks on electrical gadgets in a new bid to prevent terrorist attacks. According to Budget airlines however, these new regulations, will not be applying to them.

Passengers will have to switch on their mobile phones before they are permitted to board, BA and Virgin airlines have said that any mobiles that don’t switch on will be forwarded to the passengers address of choice and paid for by the airline. Ryanair have stated that it “does not expect the rules will have any effect on short haul fights within Europe”.

“no one said anything about phones being charged”

One passenger who flew in from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia said “no one said anything about phones being charged…. it might be happening here but it’s not in Riyadh” despite regulations already in place for flights coming into the UK. So were are the security checks being enforced?

The DfT has also advised that “customers on all international flights should be prepared.” And also warned “If you are unable to demonstrate that your phone or other electronic device can be switched on, you risk having to leave your device at the airport, which may also result in you missing your flight.”

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